Our DevOps practices - delivering value through people, processes, and tools

Automated deployment

We minimize the risk of human error with automated deployments that are faster and more reliable. With continuous deliveries, you can achieve a faster time to market while ensuring the quality of your software. Infrastructure management & configuration management are other advantages of creating automated deployments.

Continuous integration

Our DevOps services integrate DevOps tools with a robust ecosystem of open-source, AWS, and Azure DevOps ecosystems. We begin with analysis, design, building, infrastructure automation, and implementation of specified areas delivering continuous development, continuous monitoring, continuous testing & continuous integration.

Continuous testing

Our team of DevOps experts test code changes continuously at every stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure the optimal quality of every software component. This way, you can find and fix errors early on before they turn into costly bottlenecks building better configuration management systems and preventing customer dissatisfaction, or leading production outages.

DevOps project recovery

By working with our team of DevOps experts, businesses can adopt a strategic approach to test automation, improve code quality, and minimize deployment risks with DevOps practices. Additionally, our DevOps services can help businesses align their development efforts with their business goals and innovate faster with shorter release cycles to achieve a more robust ecosystem and high-quality software.

Monitoring and reporting

Our DevOps solutions include monitoring the application and system health to identify potential issues before they cause problems. We also provide you with detailed reports on application performance to identify areas of improvement to make informed decisions about the application development process.

DevOps journey with NeoSOFT
for industry-leading brands

Developed a core service application with a microservices architectural approach in DevOps

Deployed scalable cloud solutions to develop an application that would integrate multiple services on a single platform and improve the efficiency of the processes. More emphasis was given to security to ensure a seamless and completely secure payment gateway while safely storing user data that can be accessed through proper authorization.


Increase in Weekly Transactions

Developed a core service application with a microservices architectural approach in DevOps

Built the infrastructure on AWS and containerized the applications

Provisioned a cloud architecture solution design along with VPN tunneling for authorized access to sensitive data. This mechanism was designed to add an extra security layer to the stored data. An OS-level virtualization method of application containerization was used to deploy and run distributed application solutions.


Increased Data Efficiency

Built the infrastructure on AWS and containerized the applications

Automated code deployment of Oracle SaaS service

Leveraged AWS solution architecture to develop an Ewallet application. This application was deployed on the ECS cluster. CI/CD automation was implemented through CodeBuild and CodePipeline to automate the code deployment process. The highest code quality was achieved through the integration of sonarqube.


Improved Efficiency

Automated code deployment of Oracle SaaS service

Deployed Applications in Kubernetes and Ceph Clusters with full data safety

A multi-master Kubernetes cluster was implemented on bare-metal and integrated with a Ceph storage cluster. Prometheus and Grafana were also implemented for monitoring and alerting and were integrated with the Kubernetes and Ceph clusters, for monitoring. This setup ensures data security, privacy, and fast accessibility, and is fully manageable.


Data safety

Deployed Applications in Kubernetes and Ceph Clusters with full data safety

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Creating value at every step

Problem-solving approach

Our team uses a problem-solving approach to root out the underlying causes of existing issues so that they can be prevented in the future. The result is a more stable and efficient development process.

Better stakeholder visibility

Using DevOps, we provide all stakeholders with real-time visibility into the application development process and optimize every resource utilization checkpoint to ensure better efficiency, profitability, and productivity.

Simplified development

We streamline the software development process with committee code reviews, automatic deployments, and real-time visibility into the application development process. This helps to improve collaboration, reduce the risk of errors, and increase efficiency.

Reduced friction

Continuous integration and automated deployments help reduce the chances of errors and increase the quality of software components. NeoSOFT’s DevOps services also help to prevent production outages and ensure timely feedback.

Real-time feedback

Our team uses the right analytical and monitoring tools to provide you with timely feedback about the application development process. This helps make informed decisions and take corrective actions quickly to improve the overall process.

Lean thinking

We follow lean thinking principles to help you achieve your business objectives with the optimum resources. Our DevOps services are designed to manage technical debt better and increase operational agility beyond the traditional waterfall model.

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